December 31, 2004

Link degredation

Well, it's been chirstmas and all, I haven't been at school, etcetera. Unfortunately it seems that I'm not really going to be doing much of anything fun on new years, but oh well.

I did make "mochi", which is this... like... goo, with a bunch of kids, and then I did meet with some 75 year old japanese dude who wants me to translate a bunch of his haikus into english, and that kindof stuff.

This "movable type" sofware that I'm using for uplink is... well, pretty bad, all told, and I may have to get something else. Comments are closed cause they keep getting spammed. With this software there doesn't seem to be anything in place to stop that kindof thing or workarounds. No one ever comments anyways so big deal. If you really wanted to you could email me, but that's none too likely either.

Allright, well we'll see what 2005 has in store.

Posted by tadge at December 31, 2004 04:55 PM