January 26, 2005

Uplink. Awesome.

So yesterday I left school early, went back and got all set n headed to shinjuku. Went to Shin Suzuki's gallery opening there in the Nikon Salon. Shin is a photo kid I knew from CMU, we met and talked a couple times in the darkrooms. So he had a very fancy show there. The prints were really quite cool.

And also there were like, a million rockin' japanese kids. The whole time here I always kindof KNEW, I was convinced, that these kids were out there... somewhere in the concrete mega-ultrajungle of tokyo-to. And I finally found em. They all had crazy cameras, with which they all, presumably, shot crazy photos. And they all were really friendly and wanted to talk to me, despite the fact that my japanese is about as good as the average 3-year old's. So I hung out at the gallery, and then we all went to an izakaya, and they all tried to get me to eat their crazy japanese food and stuff. And I did, cause, I mean, I'm much more likely to be game for this when it's around all these cool kids I want to be friends with, than with a bunch of 40-year old middle school teachers.

For the record:
Weird leaf with soy sauce one kid said I should try and others warned me not to: Good, in a weird kindof sharp chemical tasty way.

Bright green "melon" drink: Rockin. The taste wasn't anything special, but the intense visuals made up for it.

Crab brains: No. No way. Ugh.

So I'm hopefully gonna get to hang out with these kids again soon. Saturday I'm headed to shinjuku and this dude at Nikon wants to see my prints. That's awesome but kindof scary cause I don't really have any prints here. At least, any good ones.

Anyway it was all pretty great. I really need to learn japanese. I mean, I have always been kindof like "Yes, I probably should learn some, because then I would understand what is going on," but never really put a lot into it. But now it's like... I need to be able to TALK, to these PEOPLE. In fact, maybe I should try to make a bi-lingual uplink or somehting. Except that would be totally impossible. Heh.

Ok. Over n out. Let me know you guys' 10-20.

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January 23, 2005

Uplink. Like normal but huge.

So. I needed some film yesterday. I was running low, after shooting lots of random kids at school like this one and this eminently fashionable 4th grader.

So I got on my bike, and thought... what if instead of just bicycling to the train station, I biked ALL THE WAY TO UENO.

So that's what I did. It was totally awesome. Along the river between Saitama and Tokyo, there's a huge park that was pretty amazing, and pretty empty.

Took about 2 hours to get in to Ueno. Bought some film, went over to Akihabara, played some videogames. What I realized is that having a bike in tokyo is amazingly convenient, and completely eliminates the need for the subway, since you can just bike anywhere in less time.

Getting back was less fun, cause I was already really tired, and now it was dark and much colder. Not as cold as the US has been lately I hear, but still below freezing. So that took nearly 3 hours and I was beat.

And today I'm not doing anything. Lazzzzzyyy.

Over n out.

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January 17, 2005

Uplink. Optimization and Decimation.

So this weekend was very good. And tiring. Yesterday I met up with one Rie Kuramochi, a photography student at Tokyo Kougei University. We hung out in Shinjuku, showed each other prints, and talked about photography, college, Japan, America, art, etc, the whole afternoon. It was great, and I'm going to a gallery opening in shinjuku next week, and maybe if I play my cards right I can get access to a darkroom.

But of course it was totally exausting, trying to talk to someone in another language. Her english and my japanese were at about the same level. Which is ... not a very high one. It took probably 20 emails just to figure out that we were, in fact, meeting in Shinjuku. According to one email of hers, "Your japanese is funny!" Well, I just hope she got half the entertainment out of mine as I did out of hers, which contained phrases like "Thankyou come your mile." and "That light! But I am slippy."

Also I am at elementary school again. This one isn't QUITE as cool as the other on I was at, but the teachers are still much nicer than at the middle schools. The kids are, well, really little. I know how to write more japanese than the first graders, which makes me feel pretty awesome. I *am* learning japanese, that I must admit. Not nearly as fast as I should of course, but I am picking it up.

Oh! And there's this japanese band. It's called "Polysics". They're... "different". Nothing short of brilliant as far as I'm concerned. I'd recommend trying to obtain some and listen to it. I'd post a link but having publicly availible MP3s on a server that isn't even mine seems like a bad idea.

Maintain heading and velocity,

Over n out.

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January 11, 2005

Uplink. Renormalizing.

Well, I'm back at "work". The quotes are there, because I don't have any classes today. So while, in a physical sense, I am at the place where I work, I can assure everyone that no work is being done.

I bought a scanner for $5. I duct taped it to my 4x5 camera and made some images with it. As of yet they're... pretty bad, and it doesn't really work, but I'm gonna try to make something cool out of it.

Yesterday I wandered around for over two hours, trying to find a building. If you go to tadge.net, it's the building in the "Komaba cloak" image. Obviously I found it once, cause I took a photo of it. But I never could figure out where it was after that, so yesterday I decided that I'd re-find it once and for all. No luck. I explored every nook and cranny for countless twisty, maze like blocks south of the komaba stadium. No luck. After it got dark, I gave up and headed home. Well, I got one photo of it, and it's a pretty good one. I would have like to try and take some more. But maybe it doesn't exist anymore. Or maybe it's nowhere near komaba, even though I'm 99% sure that's where it is, since all the photos I took that night were in the same area.


Sometimes, I feel like I should be more of a nerd here. I mean, shouldn't I be watching anime or something? They have that here, I'm pretty sure. Shouldn't I get a bunch of games on my cell phone or something? Ehh. I dunno. I think scrouging around in the back of all the "Hard-Off" stores is pretty nerdy.

I found a 2400WS strobe power pack at one the other day. It was $30. I wanted to get it, but I had no way to transport it back, as it weighed prolly 30+ pounds. And it's just as well since there were no heads for it, no cables, nothin, and the thing was clearly from another era, like, the 70s, and finding parts for it would be fairly impossible.

Ok. Keep it real, in the hood. Onegaishimas.

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January 07, 2005

Uplink. Life. Strong food and Strange drink. At midnight.

Heh, bet no one can catch where that obscure semi-english is from.

Anyway I apologize for not writing much in here. It was furu-yasumi though, and that meant that I wasn't sitting at a desk for hours at a time with nothing to do. But soon, regular school will start back up and I'll be back to that, and posting regularly.

So, it's cold here. It's really not as cold as america, but in some ways, it's colder. Because, the whole idea of "heat" here... I mean, in America, you don't even really think about it. Inside, it's warm. Duh. That's the whole point of inside.

Here, though, it's not. I have my poor little rickety heat pump on full blast, and it makes my room livable in, if I wear a big sweatshirt. My hands get really cold though. It's about 17C in here, which, is not that warm. But that's how warm it gets.

Also when you go outside, and you're already kindof cold, it just feels that much colder, since you don't really have any extra heat to dissipate anyways.

So the point is I haven't been shooting photos, really. In fact, I bought a dreamcast the other day. I feel kindof bad but... it's just for the winter.

Also, I went to akihabara and hung out in this arcade. It's called "H.E.Y." and I think I'm gonna have to go back there a bit. There's this whole huge... I don't want to call it a "sub" culture cause it's not really sub anything, it's just a regular slice of the pie here, but ... there are a lot of people who are REALLY into video games here. Like, way more than me, or like Pete or anyone. So I got to see these guys in action.

Yeah yeah, you might think, you were around otaku for 4 years in college, you were never too interested in them then.

True but.... this is different. These guys shower. In fact, they wear suits and ties. I dunno.

I tried to play ikaruga there and some people started watching me, and I was like, no dude, I have no clue here, you guys are all good at it n stuff, ahhhhh.., and then I died. It wasn't an honorable death.

But then also they had "free play" machines there. Right next to the arcade machines that you had to pay for, there were ones where you just play. For free.

Weird. I felt kindof guilty, but the sing was right there, in clear as day katakana-- Furi Purei. Free play.

So I did that for a while.

Anyway, Maybe I'll turn comments on and you guys can just mentally filter out the spam or something, I dunno.

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